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SATURDAY 6:00 PM & SUNDAY 8:00 & 10:15 AM

Kailua Community Church

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young couples life group


Perhaps you are engaged or married and you are looking for a community with other couples. The first year of marriage can sometimes be year-long honeymoon of bliss, but more often it holds struggles and the new reality of putting someone else's needs before your own. Learning to yield to the Holy Spirit and your spouse will enrich your marriage, and building a life on Jesus is wise. Come spend some time investing into your marriage relationship: your greatest investment on earth.  

Contact Pastor Tom (tsefik.kcc@gmail.com) and he will connect you with open small groups for you to check out.   

Marriage Ministries 

At KCC we strengthen marriage & families through:

  • Couple's Life Groups
  • Occasional Classes & Seminars
  • Marriage Mentoring by trained, mature couples (upon request) 

Marriage Resources 

Online Marriage Resources:

Focus on the Family Resources:


Les/Leslie Parrott's Marriage blog:


Gary Chapman's "5 Love Languages" Assessment:


Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment:


Leslie Vernick "Unhealthy Relationship Test": 


Gary Smalley Institute Free "Couples Communication Course"


Emotional Health Assessment:

   www.emotionalluhealthy.org, click on "Get Started," then "Free Resources," then at the bottom, "Take Assessment" 

Great Books on Marriage:


Tim / Kathy Keller: "The Meaning of Marriage"  (NY: Dutton, 2011)

H. Norman Wright: "Communication: The Key to Your Marriage: The Secret to True Happiness" Bethany House, 2012)

Cliff & Joyce Penner,  "The Gift of Sex  (Nashville: W Publishing, 1981)